Belfabriek Statistics API Documentation
URL:<customer_hash>&customer_id=<customer> id>[&start_timestamp=<start time>][&end_timestamp=<end time>][&servicenumber=<service number>][&extension_display=1]

customer_hash: 32 characters hash key found in your account API access
customer_id: The customers identification number
start_timestamp: UNIX timestamp which represents the beginnig of the statistics interval Note: If start_time not set the start_time = current server time-(5 minutes)
end_timestamp: UNIX timestamp which represents the end of the statistics interval Note: If end_time not set the end_time = current server time
service_number: The servicenumber for which the statistics are generated Note: If servicenumber not set or the servicenumber is invalid all stats will be displayed for every owned servicenumber The servicenumber needs to be provided in international format. Example: a Dutch 0800-number should be provided as 318001234567
extension_display: 1 Note: If this is set the response will contain the "EXTENSION_ID" and the "EXTENSION_NAME" details as well.
  <CALLER_DATA_RECORDS servicenumber="<service_number>" startdate="<start_date>" enddate="<end_date>">
      <TIMESTAMP>22-10-2011 14:00:20</TIMESTAMP>
<CALLERS_DATA_RECORDS> contains every call/deal from/to this number
  <RECORD> contains information about a call
    <TIMESTAMP>: the start time of the call 
    <NUMBER>: the calling or the called number
    <LOCATION>: the location of the call or Mobiel
    <PEAK>: peak & dal are 2 different times per day when different tariefs for calling are used. peak is during the day, when calling is more expensive,
        dal is evening and weekend and is cheaper
    <DURATION>: the duration of the call in seconds

No Data Resopnse:
    <CALLER_DATA_RECORDS servicenumber="{SERVICENUMBER}" startdate="{START_DATETIME}" enddate="{END_DATETIME}">
      <NO_RECORD>No Record</NO_RECORD>

<NO_RECORD>: If no record found for the current number
Error Response
  <MESSAGE>Invalid hash and/or user</MESSAGE>

<ERROR>: error code
<MESSAGE>: error message
Error Codes and Messages

Error 1: Invalid hash and/or user
Error 2: Invalid start_timestamp
Error 3: Invalid end_timestamp
Error 4: Invalid period. The start_timestamp is grather than the end_timestamp
Error 5: Too many requests/second. Try again later